IN 20 lb BUCKETS AND 45 oz TUBS!

All Baits Guaranteed To Catch Fish Or Die Trying!


Established in 1958, Bait Bucket offers a wide variety of live bait, minnows by the dozen or pound, nightcrawelers by the dozen or flats, crickets by the tube or by the thousands, and all minnows are Arkansas certified for quality and are disease free.

Bait Bucket and the McCormick family have been supplying Tri-State fishermen with quality live bait and tackle since 1984. We sell only high quality bait that sell and catch fish.

We proudly carry high quality Canadian Nightcrawlers and our signature Super Worms (also called European Redworms), which are a great reliable alternative to seasonal garden worms, as well as large mealworms, crickets, and of course we sell certified Arkansas raised Shiner Minnows. Rosie Reds, Goldfish and Chubs are offered as season permits. We are also proud to be a major distributer for Sonny's Super Sticky Channel Catfish Bait in the Tri-State area. Need Skip Jack? WE GOT IT.

To protect our Wholesale Dealers, a Retail Merchant Certificate from respected states must be on file in our store. A Wholesale Minnow Dealer must also possess a Bait Dealer License from their respected state. All others will be welcome as Retail customers. We Wholesale to local Bait & Tackle Stores, Sporting Good Stores, Convience Stores, Hardware Stores and Service Stations throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, with deliveries throughout Western Kentucky.

We sell minnows by the dozen or pound, Nightcrawler by dozen or Flat (approx. 500) Super Worms by box (24), Crickets by 1/4, 1/2 or full tubes (approx. 100) or box (1,000). We may be considered small by some standards but make up with Quality and Service.

We also sell resident and nonresident Indiana fishing and hunting licenses. Licenses are valid from April 1 through March 31 of the following year. Remember, a new year license is only valid from April 1st.

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Check out our new Super Sticky Cheese Dip and Blood Dip Baits!

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